Refund Policy/Refund Policy

The return is free from Italy. Pursuant to art. Pursuant to art. 64 of the Consumer Code, the Buyer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract, for any reason and without any penalty, within 14 working days.

The Buyer must communicate the intention to withdraw from the purchase contract by e-mail to or by registered letter to the address"Ebe Group Srl - Via Salvador Allende 161 (Torre del Sole 2) - 84131 Salerno, SA", without prejudice to the probative importance of each submission.

The notice of withdrawal must contain the following information:

1. 1. Date of purchase;
2. Name and surname of the buyer;
3. Contact email;
4. Buyer's telephone number;
5. Address for the collection of the goods to be returned;
6. Order reference code;
7. Specifications of the goods to be returned;
8. Reason for withdrawal (size change, damaged goods, etc ...).

EbeGroup Srl will collect the goods to be returned to the address indicated by the Buyer at its own expense. The Buyer will pack the goods to be returned and will agree with EbeGroup Srl the day and time for the collection of the packaging by Express Courier. The packaging must contain the Buyer's name and surname, the order reference code and the delivery address"Ebe Group Srl - Via Salvador Allende 161 (Torre del Sole 2) - 84131 Salerno, SA".

The substantial integrity of the property is an essential condition for exercising the right of withdrawal. The purchased good must be returned in the original packaging, complete in all its parts, including the documentation and accessories supplied. In the event that the returned goods comply with the applicable right of withdrawal, the Customer can decide to be reimbursed economically, with a discount voucher to be used on or with an Egon Von Furstenberg article of the same amount or recognizing the difference in the term discount. For more information, the Customer must contact

The right of withdrawal will not be exercised if the goods are damaged by the Buyer or if integral or accessory parts are missing. In this case the goods will be returned to the sender with a charge of shipping costs.

If the withdrawal complies with the provisions of the Consumer Code and reported in the general conditions, Ebe Group Srl will reimburse the sums paid (including shipping costs) by the Buyer within 5 working days and the credit will be available within the time provided by 'credit institution used during the purchase. The Buyer will receive an e-mail at the address indicated as soon as the refund has been made.